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09.18.2019  /  GCDD Staff  /  Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared? 

Disasters are a year-round threat that can impact a family, community or entire region of Arkansas in a matter of minutes without warning. Thousands of Arkansans are annually displaced from their homes due to natural disasters like tornadoes, flooding, ice, fire and other forms of severe


Emergency Preparedness for Arkansans with Functional and Access Needs

In Arkansas, nobody wants to think about experiencing a natural disaster like a tornado, flood, ice storm or house fire. What would you do if you found yourself in an emergency situation? It’s important to plan ahead. Especially if you have a disability, or are a caregiver for someone who does. We’ve put together a checklist that can help you


Inclusion, Integration & Independence for Arkansans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Promoting inclusion, integration and independence for Arkansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in all parts of community life is our mission!

The Council works to identify the most pressing needs of the IDD community in our state and address those needs by conducting outreach, fostering change and supporting capacity-building efforts. We conduct activities and support programs


I Can Participate!

GCDD encourages integrated extracurricular activities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These activities contribute to elevated self-esteem, enhanced positive behaviour, improved social competence, improved school or work attendance, and greater aspirations in life.  These experiences also serve to build relationships between individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and others, setting an expectation that persons with disabilities can exceed their perceived limitations


Self-Advocacy at the State Capitol

Policy change rarely happens overnight and is often linked to broader change in the political environment. Effective advocacy for policy change requires long-term as well as short-term thinking, an understanding of the points of resistance and the means to gain traction, the readiness to form alliances, and the flexibility to seize windows of opportunity.


inclusion. integration. independence.

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