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PASSE – Arkansas Managed Care

PASSE: Provider-led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity

What is managed care?

  •  An integrated care system or setting in which individuals receive health care from more than one care provider. It is an arrangement of covered providers that includes integrated care delivery and payment options.

What is a PASSE?

  • PASSE is a Medicaid program designed to connect Arkansans with behavioral health needs and developmental disabilities to services from their doctors and services in the community.
  • Under Arkansas’ model of managed care, provider-led and owned organizations are responsible for integrating physical health care services, behavioral health services, and specialized home and community based services (HCBS).

What are the responsibilities of a PASSE?

The PASSE is a risk bearing entity that is responsible for the administration of payment to providers. The PASSE is responsible for building a network of providers to ensure access to care. A PASSE must ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations governing risk-based organizations and Medicaid managed care.

What are the steps in becoming a PASSE member?

  • Independent Assessment
  • Assignment to a PASSE
  • Receive a welcome packet & PASSE ID Card
  • Care Coordination

How are Individuals assigned to a PASSE?

  • DHS assigns eligible members through an auto-assignment/proportional assignment process among the active PASSEs
  • Individual has 90 days from the date coverage begins to switch to a different PASSE, If the individual does not choose to switch within the 90 days, he/she will remain a member of that PASSE until the end of the coverage year unless they request with DHS a “for cause” transition
  • Open enrollment

Open enrollment is every October 1st-31st

Arkansas Department of Human Services – DDS & PASSE Services

Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

The Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and delays. The Division provides an array of services through Medicaid funded programs and federally funded grants. 

DDS provides the following services:

  • Developmental screenings, therapy, and care plans for infants & toddlers
  • Day treatment programs for children & adults
  • Community-based services and supportive life skills
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA) for children with Autism and specialized Autism services
  • 24-Hour Care in Human Development Centers and Private Intermediate Care Facilities
  • Occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy
  • Help coordinating care needs and case management services   

The Intake and Referral unit is the best place to start if you are seeking services. You can contact DDS Intake and Referral by calling 501-683-5687.

PASSE Services

Find out more about PASSE Services by calling 1-833-402-0672 or visit

Some of the most common services provided by the PASSEs are:

  • Care coordination
  • Person-centered service planning (PCSP) 

What is a Person-centered service plan?

Care coordination helps individuals develop person-centered service plans and connects them to services. The PASSE is responsible for coordinating your care to ensure that you are receiving the services that you need from providers who are working with you.

What is Care Coordination?

PCSP is an ongoing process to help individuals who receive developmental disabilities (DD) and behavioral health (BH) services plan for their futures.  In person centered planning, groups of people focus on your needs and your vision of what you would like to do over the course of the plan year to help maintain or improve your health.

PASSE Contacts

Arkansas Total Care
P.O. Box 25010
Little Rock, AR 72221

CareSource (Going live 1/1/2022)
425 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 3000
Little Rock, AR 72201
1-833-230-2005 (TDD/TTY: 711)

Empower Healthcare Solutions
1401 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 330
Little Rock, AR 72201

Summit Community Care
425 W. Capitol Ave. Suite 233
Little Rock, AR 72203

If you would like to change your PASSE assignment or you are not sure what PASSE you have been assigned
to, please contact 1-833-402-0672.

If you have received a notice from Optum that you need to schedule an independent assessment, please
call 1-844-809-9538.

Do you have issues with or concerns about the services you are recieving from your PASSE? Contact the PASSE Ombudsman Office.

What Is an Ombudsman?

An ombudsman, or public advocate, is an official who is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints of mal-administration or a violation of rights. The name “ombudsman” (om budz man) comes from a Swedish word and literally means “representative.” At the most fundamental level, an ombudsman is one who assists individuals and groups in the resolution of conflicts or concerns. Ombudsmen work in all types of organizations, including government agencies.

When can a person reach out to the Ombudsman Office?

  • If you are having issues with PASSE Care Coordination Services
  • If you are having trouble contacting your PASSE
  • If you have questions about your Independent Assessment determination results
  • If you have questions about appeals
  • If you are dissatisfied with the services received from the PASSE
  • If you are a provider and have questions about enrollment in the PASSE
  • If you have a concern or issue and don’t know who else to call

What is the Ombudsman’s role?

  • It is the responsibility of the PASSE Ombudsman Office to ensure that compassion, respect, trust, and integrity are demonstrated in resolving issues or complaints from beneficiaries who are PASSE members.
  • If you have an issue or complaint about the PASSE program or services, and the issue or complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction with the program or office where you get the services, please contact the PASSE Ombudsman office.

How do I contact an Ombudsman?

Call: 1-844-843-7351 or
if you are an individual who has a hearing or speech impairment, call 1-888-987-1200  and choose Option 2.

Fax: 501-404-4625

Online: Submit issues or complaints by emailing

Division of Medical Services
Office of Ombudsman
P.O. Box 1437 Slot S-418
Little Rock, AR 72203-1437

After contacting the PASSE Ombudsman Office, do you still have unresolved problems with your PASSE service?

  • You do have further options. Each PASSE may have its own grievance and/or appeals process or system. Contact your PASSE organization to learn more. You can also contact an advocacy organization with experience in the PASSE grievance and/or appeals process to learn more.

Disability Rights Arkansas
Contact an Intake Advocate toll free at 800-482-1174

Arkansas Autism Resource Center
Call 501-454-8542 or 1-800-342-2923

  • It may be helpful to contact your state representative or senator and discuss your concerns with the PASSE/Arkansas organized care system.

Find your state representative: 

Find your state senator: