Arkansas Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities

inclusion. integration. independence.

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Goals &

Work Plan


The Council administrative staff carries out day-to-day operations tasks and “does the work” of implementing the GCDD’s federally-approved 5-year state plan.

Offices are located at:
1515 W. 7th Street, Suite 320-330
Little Rock, AR 72201

Contact the Staff:

       Name:           Jon Taylor | Email                         
     Position:         Executive Director                      
 Telephone:         501-682-2912

        Name:          Assiah Lewellen | Email
     Position:          Deputy Director
 Telephone:          501-682-4431

        Name:          Linda Sims | Email
     Position:          Program Coordinator
 Telephone:          501-682-2918

        Name:           Scottie York | Email
     Position:          Finance and Operations Coordinator
 Telephone:          501-682-6890

        Name:          Kim Gatewood | Email
     Position:          Administrative Assistant
 Telephone:          501-682-2897