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GCDDAR Staff Leadership Transition Process Q&A Released

The Arkansas Council and staff continue their work as the staff leadership transition process moves forward. Our organization has released a Transition Q&A document to help answer questions related to this process.

Please follow this link to access a PDF of the Q&A:
GCDDAR 2020 Staff Leadership Transition QA

Transition Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers address Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities Executive Director Eric Munson’s advancement to the position of Arkansas Securities Commissioner and the executive director appointment process and timeline.

Questions and Answers

Q. What does the executive director appointment process look like?
A. The Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities will establish a search committee for qualified candidates for the role of executive director. Qualified candidates will be required to participate through an inclusive and competitive interview and review process.

Q. What is the timeline for a new executive director to be appointed?
A. Timeline for the appointment of a new executive director may be impacted by the number and receipt of qualified applicant resumes, review of applicant’s qualifications and interviews.

Q. What prompted the departure of the executive director?
A. The executive director accepted an appointment from the Arkansas governor to another department.

Q. If my primary contact was the executive director, who should I reach out to on the Council staff?
A. Please visit to reach out to the appropriate Council staff member based on your information needs.

Q. Will funding for programs and grants cease until a new executive director is appointed or will funding continue for community partners?
A. Program and grant funding for existing programs will continue and community partners will still be required to follow grant guidelines and provide required documentation and results as outlined in grant and funding agreements.

Q. Is the Council still operating?
A. The Council is operating at full capacity.

Q. What successes did Executive Director Munson have while at the Council?
A. During Executive Director Munson’s tenure, he assisted in the early completion of the Council’s Corrective Action Plan to become federally compliant under the Bill of Rights Act of 2000. After regaining federal compliance, the Council underwent a reintroduction to its constituents and refocused efforts towards inclusion, independence and integration.

Q. Will there be an interim director?
A. No interim director has been hired. The staff has sufficient authority to carry out the essential functions necessary for the day-to-day business of the Council. The chairperson will assist with guidance and the Council will continue to oversee operations until a new executive director his hired.

Q. Will the current staff continue in their existing capacities?
A. Staff positions/roles remain the same.

Q. How will the executive director’s departure from the organization impact the DD Network, self-advocates, parent advocates, community partners?
A. The Council and its staff are still operating at full capacity. Please visit to reach out to the appropriate Council staff member based on your information needs.

Q. Will grants and program funding to community partners be impacted?
A. The grant application process and periods will remain the same.

About the Arkansas Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities

The Council is a federally funded state agency that promotes integration, inclusion and independence for Arkansans with developmental disabilities. Council members are self-advocates, relatives and/or caregivers of individuals with DD, state agency directors, and representation from nonprofit and private organizations. The Council works to encourage self-advocacy; to remove barriers to information, services and support; to advocate for policy changes; to develop and support coalitions; and to educate community leaders. For more information about the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities and its mission, browse more pages on this website, or call 501-682-2897. Follow the Council on Facebook and Twitter @gcddar. You can also find Arkansas GCDD on YouTube.