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GCDD Public Policy and Outreach Committee Meeting

The Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities Public Policy and Outreach Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 13th at 9am. This is an online meeting / teleconference.

This is a public meeting. If you wish to attend the meeting, or if you plan to attend and need specific supports or accommodations, please contact Scottie York. You will receive more detailed meeting information, directions and/or login instructions after you register.


1. Call to Order, Welcome, Roll Call

2. Approve Previous Meeting Minutes

3. Messaging / Outreach Update

• About Us Video Update

• MHP Update

4. Legislative Policy Updates

• Federal Update

• E1st Interim Study

• Arkansas General Assembly

o 2024 – Fiscal Session – GCDD Advocacy on the DDPA Rate Study and F-Map/Addressing the DSP
Workforce Crisis

o 2025 – Legislative Session – Supported Decision Making/Self Determination/Alternatives to

5. Arkansas Disability Policy Consortium

6. Updates from State Agencies Represented on the Council

• Department of Commerce-Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

• Department of Human Services-Developmental Disabilities Services

• Department of Education-Office of Special Education

7. New Business and Announcements

• Upcoming Events / Dates

8. Adjourn

Agenda is subject to change.

Scottie York